Friday, May 20, 2011

Precious Brother Moment

After my quick mention about Drew and Evan getting to explore in our backyard together when they're big boys, Drew could not stop talking about it! For the next hour, he told us all about his plans.

"No girls. No Mommy. No Daddy. Just me and Evan. I hold Evan's hand. He no be scared. We go to water (there's a little creek behind our house). Jump! Just me, Evan. Big boys!"

And my heart swelled with thankfulness for my sweet family of two boys and two girls. And joy to hear my big boy be so excited to play with his baby brother.

I've been shocked by how gentle Drew is with Evan. He gives him sweet kisses on his head and little hugs. I rarely have to tell him to be slower, softer, gentler. In the picture above, he put a lion stuffed animal on Evan's head!

The girls are another story. They want to be super involved in every process with Evan, so I'm always reminding them to slow down, don't move him, be careful, be gentle, give him some space...every time he's awake. It's all because they adore him, but I'm not sure it feels all that loving to Evan most of the time!

They've been thrilled to see Evan smiling, even at them a few times! Here are the best smile pics I've gotten so far.

Off to prepare for a fun weekend with AJ's college buddies and their wives. We're so excited for this belated 30th birthday celebration!

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Mandy said...

so precious! i long for a brother relationship for ian...laying that in God's hands :)