Friday, December 7, 2007

Saying bye-bye...and hello

I've uploaded a couple of videos of the girls waving: . They are becoming more mobile every day, and continue to make me smile all day.

In addition to waving bye-bye, Jenna and Lydia are saying hello to bottles. At our nine month appointment, Jenna was 14 lb 6 oz and Lydia was 14 lb 4 oz, which is quite small for their age. We discovered that they weren't getting enough milk from nursing even though they acted very content. We tried supplementing with formula, but Lydia especially really didn't like the bottle. She screamed, pushed it away, and refused to drink each time I tried. eliminate confusion, we are weaning them. We switched cold turkey (from four nursing periods per day to none) so that they could learn to use a bottle without wondering if another option might be available later. AJ was great and came home at random times in order to feed them bottles yesterday (it's much less confusing coming from Daddy than Mommy). Lydia resisted for two feedings then drank 12 ounces before bed last night! Then, this morning they both drank plenty of formula while I fed them bottles! Victory! Weaning so quickly has been a little painful for me, but not as bad as expected which verifies that I didn't have all that much milk anyway.

In other news, AJ runs the White Rock Marathon this weekend and is attempting to run it under 3:10 in order to qualify for the Boston Marathon. He has been quite disciplined about his training, and I think he's going to meet his goal! The girls are ready to cheer for Daddy in their running clothes.