Tuesday, November 18, 2008

35 Weeks

I'm now 35 weeks pregnant, and everything is going great!

We had our last sonogram yesterday, and this baby boy is head down. We're especially thankful since we're attempting a natural delivery after the c-section with the girls. It was fun to watch him moving around, but he kept his hand in front of his face the entire time. I'm getting excited to hold him and see him in real life.

When I looked at this picture, I told AJ that my belly looks pointy. I think I was just used to a very round belly with room for a baby on each side. We're so glad for a smooth pregnancy so far and are getting more prepared every day to add another little one to our family.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ready Moms

We've been sick with the puke bug this week, but thankfully it was very fast. We seem to all be okay now, as long as AJ doesn't catch it at the end.

Nice hair, courtesy of Daddy! Jenna loves to smile for the camera

I almost didn't post this video, because these pajamas aren't too cute. I decided that was pretty vain and that this video is too fun to keep to myself. If you can't tell, they knock and say their name when we ask who it is. At the beginning, Jenna knows I'm filming and is busy smiling for the camera. :)

For several years before I was a mom, AJ called me (and some of my friends--you know who you are, Angie) "ready moms." We liked kids, cooking, trying to help people in mom-ish ways. Well, it looks like my girls are in training for a similar title. Here's some pictures to prove it.

Rinsing the dishes after Daddy washed them. Lydia (pink) Jenna (white)

Helping Mommy make salad and loving on Daddy (another good Mom skill)

Helping bake cookies for Julie--Lydia (purple) / Jenna (pink)

Jenna catches her baby off the slide. Both girls swinging their babies.

For anyone who noticed, yes, the girls are wearing the wrong color today. Lydia almost always wears more pink, but it just didn't work out today. Jenna had grown out of her dress that went with her sister's, so we picked a cute outfit that won't be warm enough soon. Sorry for the confusion!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Lydia (L) / Jenna (R)

Jenna the Monkey and Lydia the Bunny

Last week we went to a fall festival at MCA (where AJ teaches), and the girls got to dress up for the night. Unfortunately, I didn't bring back up batteries for the camera, so all the pictures and videos are from our fun around the house being a bunny and monkey. The only thing I forgot at home was to draw on their faces. We especially enjoyed their first attempts at jumping! Here's a video: youtube.com/ajandmegan

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Big Girl Bed

Today was the big day for Jenna and Lydia to move out of their cribs and begin sharing a full sized bed. I wanted the first day to be one when Daddy was home. I thought I might need some back up help. Well, the girls did great! We took the bed off the frame, put the bed in a corner, then put guards on the other sides. The goal was that they would stay in bed and hopefully sleep a bit in their first nap together. They played for the first hour and 15 minutes and seemed to love being together. They stayed in bed and didn't even fight over stuffed animals or books. Finally things got quiet, and this is what we found.

They ended up actually sleeping for a little less than two hours, and AJ and I got lots accomplished in our three hours (except that we couldn't stop peeking on them because they were so cute!) This is what I found after our three productive hours and their first try at sharing a big girl bed. Apparently they don't think they need such a big bed. Have I ever mentioned how much I love having twin girls?

Tonight they fell right to sleep! Hooray for a smooth transition to the big girl bed!