Tuesday, May 19, 2009


AJ left last Sunday on the MCA American History trip, so I decided to take my kids to see family. My brother flew to Midland for a job then helped me drive to Kansas. We had a great time with grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, and cousins!
My brother who definitely wins "Uncle of the Century" for spending an entire week helping me with my kids

Lydia rides the "tractor" with Great Grandma. They were too scared to ride the big tractor with Uncle Jack.

Jenna and Great Grandma

AJ's grandpa meets Drew

AJ's grandma meets Drew. Thanks for driving all the way from Nebraska to see us!

Grandma Doris reads the girls a story

Grandpa Tony and Drew

Grandma Doris meets Drew

Aunt Connie got lots of smiles out of Drew

Lydia wanted to sit with Uncle Paul too!

Uncle Jack had all the kids' attention

Aunt Jan came to meet Drew too

I thought the girls would be shy with Uncle Ken, but they loved sitting on his lap and laughed a lot!

Great Grandma and Drew at the park

The girls with my cousin Elyssa, who we got to go watch graduate.

Aunt Cindy and Uncle Mike came for graduation too

My cousin Naasha was a great help with my kids. I only wish she could come babysit in Midland!

Shade and Chance

It was a fabulous surprise to see Aunt Kathleen and my cousin Carlos walk in with the kids!

Sorry for the forever long post. I'm so thankful for the chance we had to catch up with so much of my family and wanted to document it here.