Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

We had a great time celebrating Father's Day all weekend. Here's a few pictures and videos of our fun family times together.

Love, love, love this picture and these people!

Breakfast in bed--check out all those crazy curls for all three of them!

And a sweet one of Drew just because I like it!

Here's a video of the girls singing "Happy Daddy's Day!"

Friday, June 19, 2009

Oregon and California

From Colorado, we set off on our wild trip to the west coast. Knowing this was our last long stretch of vacation time for a while, AJ dreamed up a big vacation for us. Overall, we had a great time together and have lots of neat memories and pictures. AJ was super Dad the whole trip...serving us all so tirelessly. It was fun to have so much time together as a family. Here's some of my favorite pictures from the trip.

Taking a break from the car. The kids and I drove just under 6000 miles during these four weeks, and they all were amazing travelers! This was one of the first times Drew laughed at the girls.

Crater Lake National Park in Oregon

Redwoods National Park in California
Notice that AJ has Drew in the front pack and Jenna in the backpack.

Lydia does the traditional "hug the huge tree" pose

Sister love on the beautiful northern California coast

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Lydia's tired enough to sleep in the back pack

AJ hiked up a pretty steep mountain with Jenna on his back and pushing Drew in the stroller. He says it was worth it for lunch at a beautiful waterfall.

I love this one! Drew's all bundled up for the night.

Yosemite Falls at Yosemite National Park (California)

This was on our way out of Yosemite. The coldest it got on the nights we were camping was the high 40s, but they were predicting 29 for the night that we left. I couldn't stop mentioning how glad I was to not be camping another night.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sitting up!

Drew started sitting up last week! Good job, buddy!

And this is the closest we've gotten to coordinating outfits for all the kids, so I had to do a photo shoot! Drew's adorable outfit is from Ben and Maggie (thanks guys!), and AJ bought the girls' dresses on his trip. I think it's cute how much he likes to shop for his girls!

Jenna (L) , Drew , Lydia (R)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Colorado and Wyoming

After our week in Kansas, we spent a week in Colorado with my parents. My mom took the entire week off work, so we had lots of time to play. We invited a few high school friends to my parents' to catch up, had pictures taken at Target, went to parks, swam, went to the zoo, and just played at their house. It is so relaxing to be at my mom and dad's. It's the place where I feel the least amount of responsibilities. Thanks for being so good to us, Mom and Dad!

Thursday I drove to Denver to pick up AJ. It was great to have Daddy back! We all were so glad to see him. Then, Saturday we drove to Cheyenne to visit AJ's extended family. Here's a few pictures of some highlights.

My mom hosted a mother-daughter brunch for two of my high school friends and their kids and moms (some good friends of my mom's). Here's the grandmas with the grandbabies.

Some other high school friends came out for dinner: Lindsay, Melissa, and Jaci

Lydia loved having Grandma tickle her!

Lydia (L) and Jenna (R) pose in their new outfits from my parents.

Drew's first time to swim, and he loved it!

It was a rainy day at the zoo, but we still had a good time!

Aunt Patsy manning the kids' table. These are some of AJ's cousins' kids.

Gabrielle was our flower girl at our wedding. Now I just wish she lived in Midland so she could be our babysitter. She was so sweet with Drew.