Thursday, June 26, 2008

Growing and changing

Here's a picture from last week (13 weeks pregnant). I felt the baby kick for the first time during Week 13 as well--so exciting!

Jenna took her first steps on Saturday then took about eight in a row on Sunday (AJ's first chance to see her walking)! I guess she's not as excited about it as we are, because now most times I ask her if she wants to walk to me, she shakes her head no and sits down. They're getting quite heavy to carry around (especially both at once), so I'm excited that we're seeing some walking improvements.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Home from camp

We're home from camp and mostly caught up on laundry, unpacking, and cleaning. We had a fun time spending three weeks at camp with so many great people and new things to do. Jenna and Lydia were a little overwhelmed by the craziness of camp, especially a couple specific skits, but mostly they just enjoyed observing all the action. It was fun to see their personalities be so obviously different. Jenna was much more reserved, and Lydia was much more outgoing. The girls' favorite parts of camp were the dogs, the mulch, and the steps around camp. We thought they'd walk at camp, but not yet! Another big highlight was their cousins' visit. Alissa and Kevin came from Arkansas with their kids, and we had so much fun playing at camp with them.

Brett and Lydia having a crawling race

Alexandria and Jenna on the barn swing

Alexandria and Brett--they're so photogenic!

Jenna (L) getting a kiss from Lydia (R) down on the dock

Watching their cousins play up above

Dean and Alexandria playing in the lake

Dean and Lydia

Lydia (L) & Jenna (R) watching cabin cheers

You could say they were the center of attention at times :)

Jenna and sweet Julie who came for two weeks to help with the girls

Julie and Lydia

Lydia (L) and Jenna (R) happy to help unpack!

Here's our precious Jenna who acts completely normal these days. On our pediatrician's recommendation, we plan to take her to Lubbock to see a pediatric neurologist. Because her seizure only affected one side of her body, there's a better chance that an EEG will show something abnormal, so we will likely do an EEG at some point. For now, we're just enjoying her, living with more thankfulness and learning to more fully trust the God who "comprehends her path and her lying down and is acquainted with all her ways, the one who has hedged her in behind and before and has laid His hand upon her" (Psalm 139).

I'm now 13 weeks into my pregnancy and feeling super! Really I'm not feeling sick at all and not even tired. It's time to start the belly pictures!

Days at home include enjoying parks, pools, and the toys at our house that seem new after three weeks away. AJ is working at Chick-fil-a mostly everyday and likes learning about restaurant life. He'll work there for a few weeks until school starts again.