Thursday, April 24, 2008



Sharing is a hard concept at our house. Two girls, both 14 months old, too young to be great at not taking or obeying when told to share, old enough to care when your sister takes something from you. They have good moments when they pass things back and forth without trouble and plenty of hard moments when the girls are frustrated every time something is taken away by that grabby sister! Here's one of the good moments from this morning during breakfast. It's easy to share when it's not your favorite food and your sister will eat it for you! By the way, our sickness was quick this time, and we're all back to normal. Thank you, Lord!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Aunt Gigi comes to visit!

My dear friend Angie came to visit this weekend--what a treat! We took lots of walks, ate good food, and caught up on all the details of each other's lives. It was really refreshing to spend time with my sweet, thoughtful, helpful friend. Here's a few pictures from our time together.

Angie and I love taking walks together, and the girls liked coming along.

after lunch at the cafe at Alldredge Gardens

Can you tell the girls don't feel so well in this one? They came down with a stomach bug Saturday night. They're seeming better already, so we hope this one is quick! Poor things. Thanks for coming to see us, Aunt Gigi! We love you!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Crazy curls!

Our house has been louder and needier than typical days. I think the girls are teething, and they've just been whiny. I'm trying to keep perspective that this won't last forever. I was inspired by Lindsy and decided to let the girls try sitting alone on the piano bench to play. They loved it! The view from behind also allows you to check out their wild post-nap hair!

This picture shows their personalities well. Lydia (L) is banging and smiling and just having a good ol' time! Jenna (R) is playing with one finger at a time, very deliberate and too focused to smile at the camera.



Thursday, April 3, 2008


Lots of people have been commenting on how much the girls' hair is growing. It's getting so long, curly, and crazy, so I decided we should try pigtails today. Lydia's seems to be thicker and curlier than Jenna's, so we'll see if that's the way it stays. Here's a couple fun pictures before they pulled their cute pigtails out. Lydia is wearing pink, and Jenna's in purple.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Playroom

Here are some pictures of our recently completed (kind-of) playroom. The paint on the walls is thanks to my parents in addition to the cute curtains my mom made us. The verse on the wall is thanks to sweet Jenny with her amazingly steady hand. What a blessing to have a safe, easy place to set the girls that is right off the kitchen. Next projects: new carpet and a chalkboard and bulletin board for the empty walls.

The view from the kitchen. Thank goodness for a place where I don't need to watch them constantly!

It's great to have so much storage in this room! I painted white polka-dots on those black knobs.

Cute curtains and ric-rac and buttons on the chair rail

Our prayer for our kids: Romans 15:13

Here's the girls enjoying their fun room. It's hilarious how often they end up playing right next to each other! Jenna and Lydia have learned to give kisses and blow kisses, and peek-a-boo has them laughing really hard these days! They're both just beginning to cruise when they're standing. Jenna is beginning to name books, balls, babies, Daddy, ducks, and Mommy but just with the first syllable and usually only just when she's repeating our sounds. She cracked me up last weekend when AJ walked in while she was eating. She looked at him, waved and said, "HI." I think it was a fluke, but it sounded just like hi. Lydia's beginning to repeat our words too, and I think she loves music because she sings along when I sing to her and can often be found dancing when she hears music. What fun.