Thursday, December 11, 2008

Reindeer and the Nativity

At Moms' Group last weekend, Sarah hosted a craft night, and we made adorable reindeer shirts using our kids' hand and footprints. Here's the girls sporting their new shirts.

Lydia (L) / Jenna (R)



Here's a fun video of the girls playing with a non-breakable nativity set that they love. This is also the first week that they've put words together, so we're calling them their first sentences. It's really long...sorry. Just click here


What was lost is found!

Our van is back! Wednesday afternoon the police called and told us they found our van parked on the side of the road about one mile from our house. It was in perfect shape, and the keys were even inside the van waiting for us! Our stroller, pack and plays, car seats, and some other small things were still in it--wow! The only things that are missing are our iPod, iPod cable, and AJ's sunglasses. We're so thankful to have our van back and to have most of the things that were inside. It's a huge blessing to not deal with the hassle of replacing our things right now as wait for our baby boy. Thanks for praying.

Friday, December 5, 2008


We enjoyed our week at home over Thanksgiving even though we were sad to not spend the holiday with family. We ate our Thanksgiving meal with the Dunns, and the girls had their first chance to sit at the "kids' table" with Joe and Leila. What fun!

Then, Saturday night we forgot to move our vehicles back into the garage. Both vehicles were unlocked, and the keys were in the van. Well, Sunday morning we were about to leave for church, and we discovered that our van had been stolen. It was a stressful day, but God has been faithful to take care of all our needs. A generous couple at church is letting us borrow their suburban, and insurance will cover our loss well, whether or not the car is found. It's definitely a hassle, but we're fine and realize much worse things could happen.

I'm 37 weeks along now and doing great. We're crossing more things off our list, and I'm hoping this baby comes a little early so that he's here before Christmas. He is staying head down, and we're praying I go into labor naturally so that my VBAC attempt is more likely successful. We'll keep you posted! :)