Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jenna and Lydia turn 2!

We had a really fun weekend celebrating the girls' birthday! Saturday we drove to Abilene for a trip to the zoo. We spent more time in the car than we did at the zoo, but the girls' smiles and laughs as well as the pictures and memories were well worth it. The highlights were the monkeys (always fun) and the giraffes because the girls got to feed them crackers.

Sunday I attempted a "kitty cat cake." I was very happy that it turned out okay, and even though the girls didn't recognize it at first, they were excited once I explained my work of art. :) They also enjoyed opening some gifts including tricycles, clothes, and a Bert and Ernie doll (similar to Dad's beloved Ernie doll from his childhood).

I look back on that day with some sadness. The same day we celebrated our girls turning two was the day that some friends from my middle school years lost their baby. Cora was 11 months old when her parents lost her to cancer. Two weeks before they went to the doctor for a routine visit and learned their baby had cancer. Their loss has been a vivid reminder of the importance of treasuring each day.

I like this picture because it proves I can get someplace with all three of my kids.

Drew thoroughly enjoyed his first trip to the zoo

Lydia feeds the giraffe

Jenna was hesitant at first, but she eventually got brave enough

Can you tell it was windy that day?

AJ and I both had moms who made great cakes for our birthdays, so this is a very important Mom skill in my mind.

Lydia's turn to blow out the candles


AJ shows Jenna the fun way to ride, especially since their legs aren't quite long enough yet.

Happy birthday, precious girls! We love you.

Drew's time with the ladies

Several of my sweet Midland friends hosted a shower for Drew and me. Drew was surrounded by women, and I was blessed and humbled by the effort to throw a shower and be there as well as so many generous gifts. It was a fun time to be with friends, and I've had fun putting Drew's new things in his closet.

Most of the hostesses--thanks friends!