Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him

This is now called the "Grace Song" at our house, because we pointed out Lydia's middle name in it. They love singing it, and the "Hope Song" (a Switchfoot song called Only Hope). They both can often being heard singing this phrase over and over to themselves as they play, eat, tee-tee, anything: "Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him." Thanks, Jenna and Lydia, for the great reminders throughout the day. I want that to be the theme of my life, and I want to remember to tell Jesus I trust Him as often as I hear it from your sweet little voices.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break

We had a great time in Arkansas, taking full advantage of AJ's last Spring Break as a teacher. Drew met his Aunt Alissa, Uncle, Kevin, and cousin Brett. We spent time in Tulsa, Fayetteville, Siloam Springs, and Ozark, and even made time for hiking. The driving went very smoothly, and we had a great time with friends and family. Ben and Joanne got lots of great pictures while we were together, so it's hard to pick favorites. Here's a few to capture our week.

We spent the weekend with AJ's entire family. It was fun to be together. Here's Drew and Aunt Alissa.

After a girl cousin bath, they all wrapped up and walked around like penguins.

Brett loving on Drew. Drew liked him so much that he gave his cousin some sweet smiles.

Drew and sweet Sully Christians (Rosa's baby)

Precious college friends Rosa and Angie holding my kiddos. I still can't believe I have three!

Drew knows this was the guy he was named after! He had huge smiles for him!

Hanging out on the porch swing with Poppie

Grandma lets Drew rest while they enjoy the waterfall

Dirty! Lydia (L) / Jenna (R)

Poppie's little buddy. They spent a lot of time together throughout the week.

I didn't even have to carry any of my kids on our hike. We were so glad to have extra time with Ben since he was on Spring Break too!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Great Weekend!

Drew: 2 1/2 months He's beginning to love to sleep with his right hand by his face and sometimes sucks on his fist.

The girls recently had the idea to push each other (not just their babies) around in the doll strollers. They think it's pretty hilarious! Here's Lydi pushing Jenna.

For anyone who hasn't seen their bed heads recently. :) Lydia (L) / Jenna (R)

At the Junior/Senior Banquet with Julie, who we now call our adopted niece. She also watched our kids the night before so we could go see Les Miserables at the community theater! What a great birthday present, Julie! Thanks!

Taking a milk break together

Bubbles! Thanks for the cute outfits, Great-Grandma Cornett!

Sweet smile. AJ says he smiles with his eyes.

It looks like he's laughing in this one.

We had a lot of fun this weekend. We got some things done around the house, enjoyed our kids, and had two date nights. We leave Friday for Arkansas, so we're looking forward to that family time.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Smiles and coos

We've loved these super warm days for taking walks and playing outside. One day this week, the girls were posing Drew, Kate and Isabelle (their baby dolls) and themselves for pictures then asking me to snap a picture with my phone. Here's one of Lydia's poses.

Jenna was wearing the sunglasses and walking around the house saying, "Cool dude!" Then she had the idea that Drew should have the chance to be a cool dude.

Drew's smiling lots these days, but it is so hard to capture it with the camera. This is the best smile pic I have so far. Then, there's a video of his sweet coos and smiles. He brings us so much joy!