Thursday, October 30, 2008

Busy October and Daddy Moments

We've had a very fun and busy October. The weekend following our Arkansas trip, the girls and I rode the bus to Waco with AJ's cross country team to the state meet. We had a great time with the team, and sweet Julie Brown helped me take care of the girls since AJ was busy with the team.

The next weekend AJ went to Ft. Davis to a planetarium with his astronomy class. They had a good time together, and my parents came to visit and kept us girls company. As always, they helped us a ton and played hard with the girls. The girls love their grandpa and grandma and can even say their names now! My parents were so busy taking pictures that I didn't take time to get any of this trip. Maybe next time.

I'm now 32 weeks pregnant and doing well. I'm less comfortable especially in the constant getting up and sitting down of taking care of toddlers, but I'm thankful Baby Boy and I are staying healthy. This week I contemplated starting potty training the girls, but I feel much relief at the decision to wait until the girls are 2. Thanks for the great advice, Aunt Connie (she's owned a day care for so many years that I consider her the expert). The girls are moving to a big girl bed in the next few days, though, so I'll have to post an update on the experiment of them sharing a full sized bed.

I wanted to highlight a couple sweet Daddy moments from this month. Recently AJ was home alone with the girls and gave them a bath (that's getting a little harder for me these days)! He wasn't sure what clothes to put on, but he wanted to be sure they were warm. So...he dressed them in these coats I had sitting out in their room but left the tags on, not knowing if I was planning to return them. They looked so cute, and I couldn't help but laugh.

This is Lydia's current response when we say "smile!"

Jenna kept her hood on to be sure and stay warm

Then last night I got to go for dinner with some friends. Our friend Jenny is stuck at home for 6 months with her newborn who needs to be kept away from anyone who could get him sick, and she was making her first outing with friends while her husband took care of Baby Blane. AJ decided to take the girls on a date while I was gone. They had a great time going to Quizno's and running errands and met me at the door with big smiles on their face and a new word in their vocabulary. They can now say "date! date!" I'm guessing Daddy's trying to make them think the only person they'll ever go on dates with is him. I'm so glad my girls are growing up with such a thoughtful, loving dad who loves to spend time with them!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Arkansas Trip

We spent the last few days in Arkansas visiting family and friends and attending JBU homecoming. AJ had the opportunity to sing in the Cathedral Choir again, and he loved it so much he can't stop talking about it. Our trip was fast moving (like most of ours) but really great.

The first night we stayed with the Wolters (camp friends). Then, we went on to Arkansas to see AJ's family. We spent Thursday evening with AJ's sister's family and parents. We ate pizza and watched Kevin coach a football game. Friday we hung out with Grandma and Poppy (which the girls are great at saying) then went to Fayetteville for an evening with Uncle Ben and Aunt Maggie. Saturday we got to meet Baby Sullivan (Josh and Rosa's one week old little cutie) and see lots of old friends at our 5 Year Reunion. We stayed with Angie and went to church with her then met all of AJ's family in Fort Smith for Alissa's birthday lunch and playing at the park. We stopped on our way back and stayed with Brock (my brother).

The girls did great most of the time, and we left thankful for so many sweet friendships. As you can see from the clothes, I really only did a good job of taking pictures one day of our trip, but here's what I've got!

Jenna (before we left) who loves to wear her bicycle helmet while walking around the house

Perea Family meets Baby Sullivan--the girls loved him!

AJ, his dad, and his brother with Lydia, Jenna, and Brett

Brett is such a sweet cousin and wanted to love on the girls non-stop!

Eating Alissa's birthday cake

Lydia likes to eat cake with Poppy

Aunt Maggie and Uncle Ben share their cake with Jenna

Walking in the park with Grandma

Cheesy smiles with Uncle Brock