Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jenna and Lydia turn 4

We had lots of fun celebrating the girls' birthday! Like usual, our celebration was spread over a couple weeks. Our traditional family outing to honor the girls was a trip to Fayetteville for a University of Arkansas gymnastics meet. The two competing teams were ranked in the top 20, and it was close all the way til the end. The atmosphere was super fun--mascots, cheerleaders, fun music, popcorn. The girls seemed to enjoy it, and it was a special treat to get some time with Uncle Ben, Aunt Maggie and Tusk.

The day of their birthday a sweet co-worker of AJ's brought the girls a Tres Leches Cake. Yum! She brought it early that morning, so we had to eat some for breakfast!

It's becoming a common request to visit The Wonder Place for a birthday. It wasn't very crowded on this Tuesday morning, which was a great treat!

The blowing scarfs, veterinarian's office, and the water table were a few favorite activities of the day.

That night we went to Macaroni Grill for Jenna's macaroni and cheese and Lydia's spaghetti. Some opera singers sang the girls "Happy birthday" in Italian, and we enjoyed our time together as a family.

Sweet girl with her elephant cake. Jenna's great at making people laugh, is pretty steady emotionally, and is an encourager.

The Lydi-Lady cake. Lydia loves to dance, dress up in fancy clothes, and is a real tender-heart.

They don't seem to mind sharing their birthday at all! It's so fun to watch them grow up together.

The weekend after their birthday, our neighbors and Grandma and Poppie came over to help us celebrate. Our neighbors, with kids at similar ages to ours, have been a big bonus of this move. The kids play together often and are truly sweet friends.

Lydia was the first to have Happy Birthday sung to her and then blow out her candles. I love the way Jenna's hand is on her sister's back while she works to blow out all four candles.

Jenna's turn. It took both of them several blows to get all the candles out.

We love you, Jenna and Lydia! What a joy it is to be your parents! We're grateful for these four years we've been privileged to enjoy with you.

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